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Still figuring this thing out. But hi.

Subscribe or unsubscribe at will. For personal reasons, I am rarely granting access (and this may be true even if we've been very friends for a very long time so no one take offense). But really, you're probably only being spared from copious amounts of angst and/or mind-numbingly boring details of my life (And my life IS boring) if I even bother posting about that. Anything interesting is probably unlocked. Yes, this means 'fic. I don't expect mutual subscriptions and I don't expect mutual access either. I'm also trying to keep my reading list manageable so I might not subscribe back, sorry.

Please don't use my real name if you know it or out this journal to RL friends if we have any in common (not that it's really that hard to find this journal) . . . I'm trying to maintain certain comfort levels in posting. Thank you.

I will answer to variations of my LJ name, my DW name, and various and sundry nicknames, though I would appreciate 'Shigi instead of the name starting with a "K" because I'm trying to restore that name to my fictional character . . . despite the fact that all my 'fic is still written under it. >__>;

. . . and yes, I still ramble too much and abuse emoticons. The more things change . . . .
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