Feb. 12th, 2017 06:57 pm
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Just popping in to occasionally announce that I am in fact alive!

Have made some (not New Year since I never keep those) resolutions to try and be more accessible. Also, more productive and creative. Anyway, hi!
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I kind of desperately want this.

Also, I haven't been the squishable site proper for ages but I wants!

And this design is just criminally cute.

Busy night

Aug. 16th, 2014 01:22 am
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For those of you who don't follow me on twitter, it's been a busy night. Alerting news agencies to protests in Berkeley, getting a tweet storified on mercurynews, following the protest livestream (apparently missed out on the chaos going down in Ferguson proper), not actually eating dinner because of all of this >__> (seeing as I didn't eat lunch that's not too good).


I also want to mention that the pigeon dating sim is AMAZING. Seriously.


Jul. 24th, 2014 11:48 pm
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I posted some super old 'fic up on the ao3. Some of which is new to the internets, ahahaha, because I never actually posted it anywhere. Like this. "Other Side of Ordinary" continuity. I'll apologize ahead of time for, uh, storyline-related reasons.

Now the only thing that's left to post is all the Sailor Moon 'fic. Which is, of course, ALL THE WORDS.

"Past Loves" has 109,412 words BY ITSELF. I don't even. How were you so productive, Past Me?
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[personal profile] troisroyaumes you no longer have an excuse! :DDDDDD

Viz has licensed all 200 episodes + movies + specials of Sailor Moon as well as Sailor Moon Crystal and will be streaming the original on Hulu (for free) starting May 19!!!! (DVDs & Blu-ray to follow)
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*cough* Thought I should mention that the new Mushishi special is up for legal streaming on Crunchyroll. Also! That there will be a new Mushishi anime starting in April!!!

Okay, that is all.
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I'm in such a wonky headspace right now. Sorry I haven't been replying to comments. I read them all! I might feel up to it next week. -___-;;
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I've been sick with the flu this week and stayed home from work. Am NOT looking forward to going back tomorrow. UGH.

In other news, thought I'd do the reading meme, what the heck.

What are you reading now?

The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. I started it in January via Overdrive but it expired and got returned so I got it back off hold finally and am finishing the last bit now. I would be done by now but I really was too sick to read this past while.

What did you just finish reading?

A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner. I tried reading The Thief about a bajillion years ago but just bounced off the first person POV. Tried again last week and read all four of the books in the series like I was eating candy. Crack candy. I literally, COULD NOT STOP and just went through all four like hotcakes. (I was kind of underwhelmed by The Thief still, but Queen of Attolia was seriously like HOMG where have you been all my life?!!!

What will you read next?

That's up in the air. I've got a handful of books borrowed from the library and another couple borrowed from the library via Overdrive . . . .
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Only at 26,574 words and I have to go to work. D: This is pretty much what happens when you start falling behind on Day 7 and then the holidays strike and you're frantically cleaning the week before hosting your mother for twelve days and your brother for four. -___-; This is not my attempt at an excuse, mind, because it was still totally doable as I knew this was going to happen so I was trying to get ahead early on . . . just didn't manage it. My own fault.

On the other hand, I wrote 4000+ words last night, so I'm finally hitting my stride again? And as I'm rusty as all hell, any words are better than nothing even if I'm writing an extremely terrible book right now. Extremely terrible.

And this is, I believe, the farthest I've ever gotten in NaNoWriMo, so there's that at least. I really wanted to win this year, but I'm definitely going to make it next year.

Gonna do my best to at least break 30,000 by midnight tonight.
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Finally caught up on the Nano word count! But I am still behind because I need to finish in half the time (due to Mom coming and staying with me for the latter half of the month). D:

I am also having problems finding the plot so I've just been writing around. The upside? The ending is done already. >_____< But unlike my usual method of writing, I have not even touched the beginning. Nor have I figured out everyone's names yet, so I have just been using placeholders. Ahahahaha, FAIL.

Due to the fact that I am so out of practice, roughly 20% of my text is composed of "said" and another 10% is the word "completely." WHHHHHY? ;_______;

I also haven't done any of the errands I need to do at home. AND I forgot to eat (like, at all) yesterday. UGGGGH.

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So I basically gave up juice . . . but can't stop myself from buying apple cider?! How is this logical???? (And yes, I am obviously aware that cider is delicious.)

I've also been *gasp* cooking lately. And not just baking! (Though, granted, it's mostly baking.) I'm trying to make at least one new (as in, never made by me) recipe a week. Pinterest has proven quite helpful.

So far:

Baked hard-boiled eggs (using a muffin tin)
Chocolate chip cookies (new recipe)
Roasted zucchini
Steak (new recipe)
Sugar cookies (mostly not made by me :( )
Spiced apple cookies
Crispy chicken bake (I've made this once, ten years ago, so it does not count)
Brown sugar cookies (with chocolate chips)

. . . I really want to make a pie again, with a crust and everything, but it's SO TIME CONSUMING. Swedish apple pie is much faster and also yummy with a crumble top . . . BUT NOT THE SAME.

Am hopefully going to make a doctored box mix cake today and do something with those green beans in the fridge before they go bad. >__>;;

Also, I'm trying to read my A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke that I got used at the Friends of the Berkeley Library Bookstore (missing the dust jacket but the cover has a gilded imprint of a Cockatrice and the pictures are fabulous) but it is SLOW GOING, OMG. Don't know that I will make anything from the book, but I will gamely try to read it . . . .
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So I've gone from an INFP to an INFJ to an ISFJ now??? I don't understand. -___-; Though I took the test again with some choices I was iffy about and it goes back to INFJ . . . so I guess I'm pretty borderline on the N versus S, but I guess I'm well into the J camp now??? Huh.

Anybody else notice any changes in Personality Type over the years?

I took the test here, BTW.
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Is anyone doing NanNo this year? If so, give me your NaNo name? ^__^ I'm still debating which one to use this year . . . but I'm definitely doing it.
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Copying [personal profile] telophase:

"All of you whose webspace I host: you'll need to change your FTP passwords (not Wordpress, database, or anything like that, just FTP). Dreamhost emailed to tell me that there was an incursion and some password data may have been taken, so they just expired everyone's password as a precaution."

She summed up the situation pretty succinctly so I'm just borrowing her words. Just e-mail me. Thanks.
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I have a very strong desire to stop being completely good for nothing. Let's see if that's still the case tomorrow.


1: lack of feeling or emotion : impassiveness

2: lack of interest or concern : indifference

Origin of APATHY

Greek apatheia, from apathēs without feeling, from a- + pathos emotion — more at pathos
First Known Use: 1594


Jan. 1st, 2012 11:56 pm
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Happy New Year!
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I may feel worse about finding the jewelry than I did when I thought it was stolen. Shit.
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Kawakami Tomoko just passed away.

She played Hikaru in Hikaru no Go, Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena, Misuzu in Air, Chiriko in Fushigi Yuugi, Miu in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Soi Fong in Bleach, Rika in CCS, and Pirika in Shaman King, among others.

One of my favorite voice actresses. May she rest in peace. ;___;
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Went to the San Francisco Asian American International Film Festival opening last night, got home at 11:30 PM and pretty much went straight to bed. So I’m just hearing about the news of the earthquake now and all I want to do is stay at home and read the news today. I don’t even know if I CAN go into work. But I guess I’m going to try.

Please stay safe, everyone.
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Oh gawd, Claymore is so amazing.


I've also finally been sucked into tumblr. D: [personal profile] inkstone's fault.


I'm mostly reblogging watermelon, food, cute animals, and random, random things at the moment. Am sort of torn about linking J-fanart since most of the artists hate reposting (to the point of region-locking their sites and/or taking them down) AND have those little DO NOT REPOST notices up on their sites. >___< But as long as there's credit??? >__> And what are the moral implications of posting fanart from sites that NO LONGER EXIST. Thoughts?

Oh, and I'm posting from the new/refurbished (given to me by a friend with some upgrades) desktop. I need to get a new video card and more RAM, but HAVING SPEAKERS IS AMAZING.

And I went to DeYoung on Sunday and saw the Olmec exhibit (BIG HEADS!). I took exactly 0 pictures of the museum (sadface) because the boy and I got there so late that we basically ran through it. DDDD: It was neat, though.

The numbing agent finally wore off! (Filling fell out and had a small cavity that I had to take care of today.) I CAN GO EAT SOMETHING! YAY! (Yes, I was torturing myself with pictures of delicious food while unable to eat and having skipped lunch today. It's HOW I ROLL, OKAY?)


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